An Overflowing Life

What Life was originally meant to be –
Have you ever thought about what life would be like in a perfect world? A world without death, sickness, hunger, wars, hate, etc… yes? Well that was the original plan! In The Beginning, God designed the whole creation good and pleasant (Genesis 1:31). Not only that, but He had given a Glorious blessing to humans (Genesis 1:27-28). God made us rulers and governors of all His creations! Do you know that a King does not beg nor struggle for his needs? Never right? His needs are taken care of in ABUNDANCE! Well, that is who we were designed to be, Kings and Queens ruling this world without anything to worry about, just enjoying life.

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The fall from Glory

Perfection Deviated…
Have you ever asked yourself why are there so many wrong things happening in the world? Sure, all of us have at some point. One of the most valuable God-given gifts is free will, the ability to make our own decisions and choices. No one will ever take that away from us, not even God Himself because He gave it to us. Sadly through the history of humanity people have chosen death instead of life. (Deuteronomy 30:11-19, Isaiah 30:1, Matthew 23:37, Luke 6:43–45) There are countless instances where bad news is broadcasted daily on TV in every single country. Why is this? Isn’t God all powerful? Isn’t He ever going to do something about it? Here is the good news: HE ALREADY HAS!

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Death Sentence Paid in Full.

Restoration Available – Do you believe a judge should place a person in jail if he/she has been found guilty of murder? Of course, yes. The dark part of human history is that every single person that has ever lived, has been found guilty of something that deserves a death sentence. (Psalm 14:1, Romans 3:10, Romans 3:23, 1 John 1:8) But guess what? Our Judge did not want us to be executed even though we were found guilty! Since justice had to be made, we could not be forgiven just like that. A price had to be paid. God our Judge, came in the form of a man, Jesus and died in our place taking our punishment. (Isaiah 42:1, Matthew 12:21, Matthew 20:28, Romans 5:8, Hebrews 2:9, Hebrews 2:14) You do not have to go to jail, (hell) your death sentence has been paid in FULL by the judge Himself! This also includes that you can be free from any kind of sickness TODAY! (Isaiah 53:5) The world’s religions will tell you good things for “later” but Jesus is The God of NOW! That is how you can know He Is Real and the Truth because He is able to help you NOW, in any situation you are facing. Jesus died for your salvation, for your health, for your happiness and overall well being from NOW until ETERNITY.

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The Benefits of Jesus' Life in Us

The Solution – At this point you may be asking yourself, how can this information be of any use to me? Maybe you have a very busy and comfortable life, or you may have many problems and are in need of help right now. Can this Jesus make my life better? Well… there is only one way to truly know. By inviting Jesus into your life you can see the results for yourself. He loves you very much and as a gentleman He is giving you the opportunity right now to meet Him. Jesus does not want to give you religion, He wants to have a personal relationship with you. He wants to give you LIFE, He wants to give you His PLAN A.



If you do not know Jesus, and realized that You are not connected to the Source of your blessings, the pathway to Your Life, the Reality of your Greatness…

A life full of satisfaction, full of purpose, a meaningful and fulfilling life…


If you would like to see your life changed…


Say, “YES” to The Lord! He died to save your soul.
He rose that you may get a life experiencing the supernatural side.
He loves you and He gave you access to all He has and to all He is.



  • Look for a quiet place where you can talk freely to Jesus.
  • Let Him know that you accept His sacrifice for you and thank Him.
  • Ask Him to keep your heart pure
  • Invite Him to enter your life and to lead and guide you from now on.
  • Tell Him you want to know Him for real, and not just know about Him!
  • Tell Him you want to have a personal and intimate relationship with Him here on earth and experience His supernatural miracles!

Here is an example of what you can say to God:

Lord Jesus Christ,
I want to know You for real,
I do NOT want religion,
I want a true experience with You,
please answer all my questions,
help me with all my problems,
come into my life,
I give You all my being…
show me who I am and
how to fulfill my purpose in this world,
Thank You for dying for my sins
and for giving me eternal life,
I make You my Lord
now and forever…


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Right now there is a HUGE party in Heaven in honor of YOU!!


If you just said this prayer Expect Your life to Never Be the Same again! as you yield to His leading because you have just received SALVATION and are now BORN AGAIN!!
The Bible says that when one single person returns to God (repents) Heaven Rejoices!! (Luke 15:7) At this very moment, Jesus, other saints and the angels are throwing an enormous heavenly party just BECAUSE OF YOU!!
By giving your life to Jesus, you just became His beloved child and a citizen of His Kingdom. To accelerate your growth, read the Bible, starting with the New Testament, in the Gospel of John. Why? It will help you get an understanding of the reality of Jesus, who He is to you and what is available through Him for you.You will realize the unlimited range of POSSIBILITIES offered to you to take your life to a level you could not even have dreamed about. Jesus wrote a letter to you, here it is: A letter from Daddy
Fellowship with fellow believers. It will edify you in your faith and help you succeed faster. Connect with a bible believing and miracle operating church where you see Jesus Alive and Tangible. REMEMBER that PEOPLE are just EXAMPLES, but only JESUS is OUR PERFECT MODEL, so KEEP YOUR EYES on HIM. Enjoy the Journey of a Lifetime with Christ… FANTABULOUS is the only word that could best describe this amazing journey! Here is a gift for you: Heavenly Audio!

Remember we are here to help you.
-Sincerely, Hearts Touch Ministries

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