Intimacy with Jesus

“It’s 2am in the morning….I just finished my shift. I worked from 4pm to 1:30am and tomorrow I have classes. My bus comes at 6:30am. I’m so tired but I still have to ride my bike home…. Oh noooo and it’s just Tuesday … aaahhhwww I want to sleep…”

These were the weekly thoughts I had every morning after work; my feet numb and chest cold from the beautiful New York winter which had everything covered in white. All that, wasn’t enough to keep me from stopping by the beach, putting on my earphones and praise dancing to God. This was something I loved doing every single day. The beach was very dark and quiet. The stars gleaming beautifully in a dark blue backdrop. There were lots of trees, mild sounds; like the water hitting the rocks, the wind through the trees, a bell swaying in the wind and in the summer birds chirping. No one was around only The Lord and I. As soon as I started playing a song on my iPod touch, the presence of The Lord overtook me and moved every extremity of my body rhythmically in sync with the music. It was so liberating. In those moments I didn’t feel tired, sleepy or cold. I didn’t care about the next day. All I wanted to do was worship God. I would dance, jump, spin and even sweat in the cold weather. Usually The Lord would stop moving my body at one point, sit me down or put me on my knees. There were even deeper times when I could see bright white lights as I danced or heard a second track of heavenly music. There were also times when I could clearly hear His voice at the end when I was on my knees saying … “What do you want?” All I ever responded to Him every time He asked me that question was ” I want to serve You.”

There were even times when His Spirit moved my body in ways that seemed dangerous. Imagine, standing on one foot on the edge of a huge, eight foot elevated flower garden, with your arms lifted up, your eyes closed, spinning backwards, alternating jumping and bowing all at the same time … It’s kind of scary no? Anyone could easily fall especially in winter after hours of work … but I didn’t. It wasn’t because I was special or that God chose me. It’s because I decided to use my will to give that time only to Him. Have you ever gone up a steep hill when it’s raining or after it rained? …  Slippery no? Well I not only walked up, I praise danced, running backwards up the steep hill in the mud and rain under the anointing of the Holy Spirit!!

I can tell you countless stories where danger, fear and tiredness were simply not present. This doesn’t mean we all should look for dangerous scenarios to praise The Lord, I never did. This is just to show how extreme an intimate time with Jesus could be and how protected you can be in His Presence. It doesn’t mean that we all should be careless about everything else besides worshiping the Lord. No this is not what I’m conveying to you. In fact there were also times when I stepped outside at night for a break wishing to praise dance unto God and He clearly said to me: “Go back inside the house and finish what you were doing.”

What am I saying here? I’m simply sharing with you very special moments where I was able to experience Him in a supernatural way just by deciding to dedicate some time out of my extremely busy schedule only to Him. I didn’t plan when I would do it nor did I look forward to it. Yet I did it everyday and when the time for me to do it came I just knew and enjoyed every single moment! I never saw it as a “Christian duty.” I saw it as a time of freedom, where happiness was so overflowing all I wanted to do was thank Him! Thank Him in a new way, not by saying “thank you” but Thank Him. Deep down I knew Him as the owner of all, and there’s no other gift I could give to Him than my will. When I was in school or work, every time I found myself in the restroom I used to shut the door get on my knees and talk to Him.

It was in those spontaneous moments, where as a living sacrifice I used my body to honor Him. That is real worship my friend: Worship in spirit and in truth, where nothing else matters but to be right there in the Presence of The Lord surrendering yourself as a living sacrifice. And to be clear again my friend, it doesn’t mean that we all should neglect our responsibilities to go and worship The Lord, there is a time and a season for everything but you are the only one who can choose when to dedicate time for Him.

Would you do that today? Would you make some time for Jesus? I promise you, the more you do it, you will experience Him more and more. Praise dancing is only one way of having fun with The Lord. You and Jesus can have your own way of spending time together. One of the reason why I love Jesus is because He in not a religious God. He loves variety and personality. Just like in any other relationship, you start by having a conversation. You heard about prayer? Well praying simply means talking. Today start talking to Jesus and develop a relationship with Him, develop intimacy. I can promise you this, that you will have a lot of fun! When you come back to “this reality” you will see possibilities everywhere; work, school, business and ministry will seem very easy to you and you will always succeed!

Here are a few verses about praying without ceasing and at all times, 1 Thessalonians 5:17, Ephesians 6:18, Luke 18:1. This is just the beginning of the miraculous!!

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  1. Raquel Romero

    Que esto sea una bendición para todos aquellos lo lean! y que algún día ustedes también lo pueda experimentar y puedan entregarse al El Señor en Espíritu y en Verdad!

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