The Power and Importance of Your Own Words

Growing up, I knew a young girl that continually repeated: “I can’t!” NO WONDER there was always a self defeating attitude that would follow in everything she did or tried to do. Is there a phrase you’ve repeated all your life? Something you heard growing up? Maybe someone said you were no good?

Maybe you were called lazy or told you’d never achieve anything in life? Maybe you were called a failure or an embarrassment? Could it be true that after years of hearing these statements that they could really have an impact on your life? Truth be told, WORDS are very powerful indeed!

Let’s see what The Lord has said concerning the power of Words. In Proverbs 18:21, King Solomon, the wisest man of all time was inspired by the Lord and made this key statement. You might say that was written hundreds of years ago and therefore irrelevant today. But I have so many testimonies that prove otherwise. The first story involves a lady. When she was much younger she kept saying that she wouldn’t live pass her 30th Birthday. It so happened that on her 28th Birthday all these “things” kept going wrong in her body. She went to different doctors but they couldn’t find anything wrong. After spending time with The Lord, He revealed to her that since her childhood she had been speaking death over her body and as a result it was taking effect in her life! Right away she began to cancel all those words of death spoken years ago. As soon as she did that, all those issues that were occurring TOTALLY LEFT HER!!! Now how is it possible that words spoken years ago were taking root in her life? Let’s examine that.

Since creation The Lord has entrusted us with His ability and power. In Genesis 1:27 God made humanity in His image and likeness. He told humans to subdue and have dominion over all the created things. In Genesis 1:3, light came in existence but how did it come about? The Lord SPOKE it into existence! Now if The Lord spoke light into existence and we’re created in His likeness, aren’t we also capable of speaking things into being? Yes we are!

I’m sure at this point you’re starting to think about the words you’ve spoken over yourself or even those you’ve come in contact with. If not, maybe you’d like to hear another story. It involves a teenager who grew up in a household with inconsistency, disunity and selfishness. As a result of seeing certain issues involving her parents and others in her extended circle, she angrily vowed one night standing in the kitchen, “I’ll never get married!” Years passed by and she kept wondering, “why am I not married yet? All my friends are married and have children. What’s wrong with me?” After bringing this issue to The Lord, instantly she was reminded of the words spoken in frustration. Tearfully she thanked The Lord and cancelled those words as well as any other words she had spoken over her life. Shortly after that, things started to turn around in her life. And I’m happy to report, she is currently married!!

Matthew 12:37, James 3:5 and Proverbs 13:3 are powerful verses that confirm Proverbs 18:21. When words are spoken there are two possible outcome, life or death. What are the words you’re using today? Are you creating an atmosphere of life, love, hope and joy or are you creating doubt, fear, anxiety and worry? My Love, if it’s the latter this doesn’t have to be the case with you any longer! Realize today, you are more than you think you are! You are a child of the Most High God and you have been equipped with a marvelous tool that’s able to transform your thought life and ultimately your destiny! The Bible or The Word of God is the key to elevating and accelerating you to who God made you to be.

Did you know that The Bible is the most printed book in the history of the world? In John 1:14, it tells of how The Word became flesh or human. The Word spoken of is Jesus. He appeared in human form to demonstrate unconditional love to humanity in a very real and tangible way. Have you ever attended a church service for the first time or talked with a Pastor and they spoke exactly what you were feeling or experiencing? Well Hebrews 4:12 explains how this is possible. This Word proceeded through the lips of God and since then there has never been One more revered or spoken of! Just as The Word became flesh, know today that your words are constantly creating around you! The Lord has created you to leave a legacy and a trail of His presence in this world.

Remeber this verse always:

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer. -Psalm 19:14