Breaking Boundaries Through Jesus’ Revelation

As people, we encounter boundaries, problems or limitations no matter our geographic location, religious background, political views, relational and or economic status. The one thing about problems is that they don’t discriminate. We all come in contact with situations that seem like there’s no way out.

The truth is, regardless of the scenario, breaking boundaries through Jesus’ revelation can be a very real possibility in EVERY believer’s life. You might ask how?

First and foremost, we MUST have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Second we must be grounded in His LIFE-GIVING, universal PROMISES no matter what things around us look like: The Word of God has to be the foundation on which our life is framed! These are two key ingredient to obtaining solutions in life. Jesus explained “I have come to give life and give it more abundantly (John 10:10). What does Jesus mean by that? People have been living for thousands of years already. How can He give us life when we are already living?

The “life” that Jesus spoke about was not just one to come but a present one as well. Before Jesus’ birth, people were just living for themselves, their families, their loved ones; others were living religiously trying to follow a set of rules that were impossible to keep. They all encountered problems that seem unsolvable. When Jesus came He gave answers to those who had a problem and were seeking for a solution. Everyone and anyone who encountered Him personally NEVER left the same; people always left His presence whole, restored and full of hope. He has been doing this for centuries and desires to continually play an active role in the lives of His children even now. But He will not do this without an honest invitation from you. What are you looking for Jesus to do for you today? Maybe fear has been dominating your life, sickness ravaging your body, trouble brewing in your marriage or you’re tirelessly looking for a job. Be encouraged, Jesus is here!

Let us examine some real life scenarios of how breaking boundaries can became a reality in the lives of fellow believers. Notice I didn’t say Christians. The main reason being that there is a difference. A lot of people identify themselves as Christians but when it comes to expressing their faith, it is almost non-existent. The people who I’ll be talking about express their faith through their identity (as a Son of God) and on a daily basis. John 1:12 states perfectly what it means to be a Son of God. Our faith in Jesus Christ gives us the power, privilege, and right to be called a child of God. All the things that Jesus was able to do we are able to do those things and even more. It means speaking life into dead situations, healing others from all manner of sickness and bringing divine life and victory to those who are hurting. (All the examples below are actual events that occurred with individuals we have counseled.)

We will start with the most prominent boundary encountered by society as a whole, fear. Since eating of the forbidden fruit in Genesis, fear has crept into the hearts and minds of humanity, killing, stealing and destroying those it has come in contact with. Many lives have been cut short because of its widespread prevalence, but thank God it no longer has power over us! Jesus died once and for ALL humanity! With His death and resurrection, He severed all dominance of fear in the lives of every believer. II Timothy 1:7 (AMP) states “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of a calm and well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control.” If you are encountering fear in any area of your life, this bible verse shows that fear is NOT of God. Since it’s not from God, we know it’s from the enemy!

The reason someone might be comfortable living under fear’s dictatorship is that he/she might not be aware of what has been accomplished on his/her behalf. Jesus states “I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you.” If Jesus said it, it’s for you! The best way to overcome any form of fear is to take scriptures about countering fear as for you. Next you must be willing to do the very thing you fear. You might be fearful of flying or public speaking. Take steps to overcoming it such as taking classes to fly or taking advantage of opportunities that would allow you to face that situation and deal with it head on. Through Jesus’ example and Word we can counter any fearful thoughts that come to our minds. One example that comes to mind is a lady that was abused as a child. Whenever we’d sing “He touched me” in services, she wasn’t able to sing the song because of the memories it brought back to mind. After working with her to confront the issue, she was finally able to sing, “Jesus touched me and made me whole.” Thank you Jesus!!

How can we break boundaries when it comes to sickness? Well several years ago, a lady was diagnosed with cancer. She went to two different doctors and they both gave her the same prognosis, she had only a few months to live. She had read in the bible how Jesus healed and she stood on His promise that she would be healed. After a few months she went back to one of the same doctors and he was shocked! He couldn’t find any cancer in her body! He didn’t know how to explain it but she did! Jesus performed the impossible and removed all traces of cancer without chemotherapy or radiation! This is not just an isolated case, the Lord wants to perform healing in any person’s life that needs it regardless of the case; cancer, AIDS, allergies, etc.

My question to you is, who do you believe has the final say? The doctors or Jesus? Jesus always told people that came to Him, “According to your faith, let it be done to you.” He treated raising the dead and healing someone from a fever in the same manner. He never treated one case as harder than the other. We have to remember that with Jesus it’s easy!

When you first approach a scenario, it might NOT look or feel easy. But in order to break boundaries we never go by what we SEE or what we FEEL. If you go by either of these two you will never obtain victory over your circumstance. Why? Because looks can be deceiving and feelings come and go! Another very important component are the words we think and the ones that precede out our mouth. These words have to be in accordance with the Word of God. You cannot hold on to healing and speak, “my tumor or my sickness!” It’s a big contraction! Everything you think or say will govern your destiny. It’s important to remember that our thoughts are the roots or foundation of who we are and who we eventually become!

What about the issue of a troubled marriage? Let’s say a husband might feel like he doesn’t love his wife anymore. Maybe his wife hasn’t been spending time with him as she use to. Maybe some financial issues have gotten out of hand and his wife has taken on more responsibility at work or even a second job in order to alleviate some bills. A female associate at work could be paying him more attention and before long they start developing feelings for one another. Divorce is then mentioned to an absentee wife.

How can we break boundaries in this case? First, both spouse should be introduced to a personal relationship with Jesus. Once they both start experiencing His love and peace, the transformation will begin in their relationship to each other as well. Next divorce should never be brought up every time there is a disagreement, in fact it should never be spoken. Thirdly it’s always good to have a neutral person between the couple that can aid in the process of restoration as well. Another key is that couples should periodically monitor their relationship to find out what has changed in their response to each other.

The Lord ordained marriage from the beginning as a union between one man and one woman. Marriage is a commitment to each other as well as to God regardless if it took place at city hall or in a church building. Mark 10:9 and Malachi 2:16 states how important marriage is seen before The Lord. Once we know where The Lord stands on this issue, we should be committed to working as a couple in rectifying all the major issues. In our example above, the couple should figure out how to alleviate the debt issue as well as how to have each others’ needs met. Once those issues are taken care of there won’t be any reason to go outside a marriage union to have one’s needs met.

Maybe you’ve been looking for a job month after month? People all around you have been saying there are no jobs out there. What do you do in that case? Do you just give up? No! Regardless of what you hear, or what things might look like, you go by God’s promises. You have to state “My case is different because I’m a Child of God! I know there’s a job out there for me.” It doesn’t make sense to complain like everyone else or pray for a job and sit around the house. But instead you pray thanking God for the job and then you go out and do your part. As you go in faith, The Lord will do His part and open the doors for you.

A few months ago a gentleman came to the ministry looking for a job. He was heavily behind on his rent. We declared in Jesus name that in 2 weeks he’d receive a job. He went out and applied to one location and within one week he came back and told us he was hired! There are numerous testimonies that we can share with you about how Jesus turned around seemingly impossible situations in our favor and in favor of so many others we have counseled. Jesus has entrusted us with His life and power to change this world and to make it a better place. Know that your case isn’t impossible and that The Lord trusts you to be mature in your faith and to conquer every limitation in Jesus mighty name!

Disclaimer: These examples are generic. Each family that we’ve worked with, their issues are never approached the same exact way. We work under the leadership of the Holy Spirit in our instructions to individuals.
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