Discovering Your Purpose in The Kingdom of God

Purpose? I’m sure you’ve heard that word before, right? 
Are you currently asking yourself if there’s a reason for your existence?
 Have you thought about YOUR purpose? Wondered about what YOU were created to do?
 Well, today I have some good news for you! After reading this, you will no longer be perplexed by this question.

The dictionary defines “purpose” as the reason for which something is created or exists. And this is true. If you look around, you can see that every single thing has a purpose. Everything was designed with a particular function in mind. For example the car. The person who made it, wanted people to get from one place to another faster and more easily. Another example is the refrigerator, the person who made it wanted to keep food safe to eat for weeks or even months. There isn’t one single thing in existence that doesn’t have a purpose.

Let me ask you a question… did you create yourself?

hu? no.

Well, you know, Humans are a creation as well! We were made by someone and that person had a purpose in mind when He made us! (Read Genesis 1:26) See, in the very beginning The Lord God had a specific task assigned to us. We were created for Dominion: To rule, govern and subdue this entire world and everything in it! Unfortunately humanity has done a poor job in carrying out their assignment therefore terrible consequences due to wrong decisions have overwhelmed mankind until now, the 21 first century. Besides all the wonderful plans that people give themselves now a days such us goals, achievements, successes, graduations etc., there’s an even greater Purpose that we were made for Proverbs 19:21. Not only entirely as a whole do Humans have a purpose but each individual person has his/her own divine purpose as well! These were all God planned and were even written down! Look at Psalms 139:13-16.

This is where it gets even more interesting! How can you discover your own personal Purpose? And how can you know that you are correct? Knowing that it’s not based on other people’s influence or what you may have concluded. How can you know for sure that you have discovered your real purpose? Well, it’s very simple. Check this out … You ever owned a cell phone? Well, when you just get a new model, there are a lot of things that you might not know about your new cell phone right? Besides, manuals have never been very attractive. Imagine, you’ve been using your new phone for a while but all you know how to do is: to make and receive calls. Now one day you met the person who made the phone and he starts showing you all the features of your phone! He shows you that you can also send texts messages, receive voice-mails, take pictures, listen to music, watch videos, receive emails and even surf the web! That is awesome right? He reveals to you your phone’s full potential and purpose!

We are the exact same way. Not until we go to our Creator, will we discover the full potential of ourselves and the reason we were made for! In this way you can know for sure that you are correct because He won’t lie to you. Now the question is: How can I know “The Creator, so He can reveal to me my Purpose”? You may think… Is that even possible? I thought people could only meet God when they die…? Well I can tell you that myself and many others that I know closely have met The Creator in this life without dying! Some may say “that is heresy, the bible says “no one can see God and live”
Well that wasn’t really God’s intention. All throughout history The Creator has revealed Himself to the Creation and The bible states this as well in many verses:

Genesis 18:1-6 God visits Abraham
Genesis 32:30 Jacob sees God face to face
Exodus 24:9-11 God appears to 74 people
Exodus 33:11 Moses speak to God face to face
Numbers 12:6-8 The Lord reveal himself in visions
Judges 6:22 Gideon saw God
1 John 3:2 We will see Him as He Is
Revelation 1:7 Even people who never believed will eventually see Him.
Revelation 22:4 And of course even in Heaven we will see Him face to face for eternity

In fact that was His original plan from the very beginning. Look at Genesis 3:8. It clearly implies that Adam and Eve talked with God face to face before. I myself can tell you that He has appeared to me a lot of times. He has talk to me and He has answered many questions and petitions.

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At nine years old Jesus took me to Heaven. At seventeen I saw Jesus riding a white horse in space. At twenty I saw Jesus’ feet and tunic behind me with eyes closed. At twenty-one I saw Jesus on a Throne and thousands worshiping Him. At twenty-three Jesus sat on my bed as I was praying one morning.

August 2011 I was working on a website without any knowledge of HTML or any code in general. I had to make pictures display in 4 columns. After 12 frustrating hours of looking online for help on how to do it, I checked out for the day. It was uncomfortable to waste 12 hours straight without any success at all. So I went home to my room and knelt down and said: Lord, I know you know HTML, please help me finish this website because I can’t even edit the pictures. I was tired so I laid down and as soon as I placed my head on the pillow and closed my eyes, I heard His voice! “Log in to your account, go to the control panel, then the dashboard, scroll down and there will be the settings.” I wasn’t asleep yet. Immediately I sat up in the bed and said what Lord? What? I couldn’t believe He had spoken to me that clear, with that much precision and with such long and detailed instructions! But I didn’t hear anything else after that. What He said was still in my head so I went back to sleep that night. Next morning I got up early and I still remembered what The Lord had said so I turned on my laptop and went to my account following the directions … lo and behold! You all can imagine the rest of the story! I was able to finish the website with every single customization that I wanted!

So basically:
How can I know my purpose? By knowing The One who made me!
But how do I start knowing Him? That is easy as well …

First of all you must be sure about Who is The Creator. Right? … Read John 1:1-3 also Colossians 1:15-17 Who do you think these scriptures are talking about? … They are talking about Jesus!! Sadly people hardly recognize Him even after many miracles (John 1:10) … Take a quick look at:
John 1:18 No one has seen God, but Jesus has make Him known.

John 14:8-9 Whoever has seen Jesus has seen God.
It is clear that Jesus is a person. Jesus is not a Religion. He can talk, hear, see, and do everything that humans do including socializing. What He really wants is to have a relationship with you. Through this relationship He will reveal to you not only your purpose but your whole Identity and destiny!

You may think, these bible scriptures sound great but how do I get to meet Jesus?
Easy: Just start by talking to Him. Simply tell Him that you would like to meet Him.
I promise you that you will meet Him and He Himself will tell you personally what is your Purpose.
Just never give up on looking for Him and never stop seeking His face!