Christianity vs christian religion

Did you know God never desired for people to be apart of ANY religion?
He never made or named any of the religions that have ever existed!
All of the religions in existence are all man made! Some of you might have figured that out already.
From the beginning of time He made us to have fellowship and communion with Him: Simply a Relationship.
Religion is humans trying to reach God. But God only wants a relationship without rituals.
He loves us like a Father loves his children. I’m telling you all this because He told me to let you know.

Let me share with you just a little bit about my journey for The Truth.
Drug addict, thief, vandalizer and gang banger were my predominant character traits. At that time I disliked highly anything that had to do with “church” but I still had some knowledge of a “God” who was “there to protect us.” It so happened that one day I was dying from my intoxication with drugs. I had drank an acid that was supposed to be inhaled and had a terrible stomach pain that was depleting my life. As a last resort I said: Jesus, if you are really real, save me! Surprisingly just a few seconds later He did! Long story short, miraculously I found myself that same day in a church after a very dangerous walk. A lady prayed for me at the altar and the terrible pain in my stomach from the acid I drank disappeared! I didn’t want to accept it but there was just too much I couldn’t deny so I “prayed” in my mind saying “Jesus, my life is yours from now on.” I didn’t even know what that meant fully at the time but since then my whole world has totally changed.

Even though I started attending that church where I told Jesus my life was His, I could tell there were some things missing. I never saw any miracles there nor even heard of any. It got boring and religious after a while. So I started to be interested in “more spiritual places.” I looked for years and found so many religions… so many beliefs, different doctrines and so many positive organizations! But what was more frustrating than all of that was that there were so many versions of Christianity. People call them “denominations.”

My first knowledge of Christ was introduced to me through Catholicism in my first 4 years of life.
Next when I moved to my grandmother’s house she started taking me to various Evangelical Temples.
Then I moved to the United States and got invited to a Trinitarian Assembly.
Later on I moved in with my uncles who were part of a Seventh Day Adventist congregation.
A couple of years later I moved again with my other uncles who were Pentecostal.
And again I moved and got very involved in a Apostolic congregation.
After that I moved and attended a Unitarian Church.
Then I went to college where I became very active with a nondenominational campus group.
Besides all of this my heart often wondered around and I found myself attending various kinds of Christian and non-christian places such us:
a Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall,
a Mormon Sanctuary,
a Jewish Temple,
a Buddhist Temple
Messianic Churches,
Lutheran Churches,
Baptist Churches,
a Christian Science Library…
You name it! I even bought a Koran at one point. And even wanted to learn Hebrew too so I could read the Torah and Talmud. Further more, I heard a sermon from Pastor David Wilkerson saying that it was possible for people to hear The Voice of God! That excited me! At last there was someone who was preaching something that could be experienced and not only doctrine. So I started to deepened my time in daily prayer hoping to hear from God myself but years went by and I never heard God say anything to me …

Nevertheless I often had dreams that seemed very God sent. After along while I started hearing at church that there was this event called “the baptism of the Holy Spirit” which consisted in a person not being baptized in water by a Pastor but being Baptized in “Spirit by God Himself.” All this didn’t interest me much at first but after a few months I started seeing other people “receive the Holy Spirit” as so they called it and it really looked like something very interesting and supernatural! So I started to look into it, asking people what it was like, reading books about it, browsing the web about it, making very long trips out of state to attend conferences about it. I even paid 15-20 dollars every morning as my taxi fare to get to church for prayer at 5am. But I wasn’t feeling anything nor experiencing anything. After about a year, I started to give up and asked Jesus why is it that everybody else is saying they “feel your presence, see Heavenly things, hear divine sounds” and I don’t experience any of that? Is it that it’s not for everybody? Is it that it’s not for me? Have I been that bad? Finally I surrendered and said out loud: Lord, if there is anything in me that is stopping me from experiencing you, anything bad anything that you don’t like, take it away, purify me so I can receive your baptism. Well my friend, the same day I prayed that, I experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit in front of about 300 people! It was enormously amazing! Words are too limited to describe it! But the greatest thing about it was not the feelings and emotions I had but The most amazing part about it was that I saw Jesus sitting on The Throne with thousands of beings dressing in white around Him Worshiping Him up in the sky. At the same time I was jumping, spinning, lifting up my arms on one foot with my eyes closed in the middle of the altar. The people were singing, my mouth felt like it was on fire and words that I never imagined were coming out my mouth. This time it was no dream! I was awake and honestly a little bit ashamed of being so visible in public. After that night, I started hearing Jesus speaking to me more often; not just in dreams but His voice. One time He came to my room while I was praying and sat on my bed! He’s told me a lot of things but the main one being that I must tell everyone His Gospel!Gospel means Good News
. The Good News of Jesus Christ is that:
 He paid your death sentence in full!
 Whether you killed thousands of people, exported tons of drugs, had sexual errors with your own family or simply have lied to someone. He can forgive you. Because He died on the cross, shed His blood and resurrected for you!
You no longer are condemned to hell but you have an eternal life in Heaven.

My friend I don’t like to preach to anyone what someone else has preached to me nor what I have read in the bible or in books. I like to share with people what my experiences with Jesus were. In this way you can experience what I have experienced. He’s revealed to me Truth that you can discover and know for yourself that it is indeed True! You have heard preachers talking about stories in the bible of how Jesus healed the sick. Well Jesus has healed me and my loved ones multiple times in this 21st century. From a small headache and flu to diabetes and cancer! That is why I love to tell people about healing.

In the world you will find christian religion and Christianity!
Both are very similar to each other but one of them is powerless and the other can do all things. You will find that one is full of rituals, rules, doctrines, traditions, judgment and laws. The other full of Love, Joy, Peace, Abundance, Miracles, Power and Glory! You want to know what’s really ironic? The Lord God didn’t make us or command us to be “Christians!” The word Christian is a label that nonbelievers started to call those who followed Christ Acts 11:26. God never desired for any religion to exist not even Christian religion. The Lord just wanted a family to love and to be loved in return. Of course if anyone asks me I’ll say I am a Christian! But deeper than that I understand that Christian is just a label not my full Identity. I am a Son of God!

So Christianity vs christian religion?

It is important to distinguish because if you get caught in the wrong christian group it can become very frustrating and confusing. You can even give up on the Truth, due to people’s misrepresentation of It. You will think that that’s all there is to It or that every other “Christian” is just like that and you could end up turning your back on Christ.

To distinguish these two groups look at their fruits.

Here is a brief description of both of them:

One is self-centered, ritualistic, spends most of the time trying not to sin; there is little wisdom in it. It forces people to follow a set of rules and there are no significant achievements. It is unproductive and doesn’t understand humility. There are no miracles, God is only a subject therefore no supernatural experiences are available.

The real one makes your life better and even more successful, with a higher meaning and purpose; satisfaction, pleasure, joy and freedom are present. There’s no lack of anything not even finances and there’s always Power involved and miracles are daily! You will experience Him for yourself, not only doctrine and rituals but you will know Jesus as a Person. You will meet Him personally.

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