Intimacy with Jesus

“It’s 2am in the morning….I just finished my shift. I worked from 4pm to 1:30am and tomorrow I have classes. My bus comes at 6:30am. I’m so tired but I still have to ride my bike home…. Oh noooo and it’s just Tuesday … aaahhhwww I want to sleep…”

These were the weekly thoughts I had every morning after work; my feet numb and chest cold from the beautiful New York winter which had everything covered in white…

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Christianity vs christian religion

Did you know God never desired for people to be apart of ANY religion?
He never made or named any of the religions that have ever existed!
All of the religions in existence are all man made! Some of you might have figured that out already.
From the beginning of time He made us to have fellowship and communion with Him: Simply a Relationship…

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You are a Significant Part of the Body

Have you ever felt unappreciated? Like all your efforts, the time and resources you spent for a loved one didn’t matter to that person? Or maybe someone made unfavorable comments about your achievements making them insignificant, and it made you feel down? I have felt like that before too my friend.

You know, when I was five years old my parents separated. My mother would leave for work and I spent hours alone…

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