The Pastors

The PastorsSince early childhood each one individually noticed signs from The Lord that they were here for a special mission.

Pastor Estrada was born in Puebla, Mexico and Pastor Kedesha in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

By extraordinary experiences with Jesus and a series of events throughout their lives, they started to discover who The Lord made them to be and for what purpose. Even their parents had dreams about them belonging to God and taking a part in His service.

They both have been in ministry serving multiple churches for over a decade. In August 2008 they met with no idea of what God had prepared ahead of them. In 2012 they founded Hearts Touch Ministries with a huge vision and countless goals. Today they are happily married and look forward to keep on fulfilling the mission Jesus has entrusted to them.

“I have always wanted to be a Pastor since the age 15 but The Lord made my assignment very sure when He told me that I’d lead thousands to salvation”   -Pastor Kedesha

“I didn’t become a minister because I got preached at or because I read the bible. I wanted to work for Jesus because He revealed Himself to me and showed me amazing things”   -Pastor Estrada