“If God is “All Powerful” why doesn’t He solve all the problems in the world?

How come this “God of Love” doesn’t stop all the killing, murdering, injustice and suffering? Seriously, why doesn’t He do it now? If He really loves us all and really knows everything why doesn’t He just put an end to all the mess humans have done???”

That is very logical right? If He is “The All Mighty God, Sovereign and Creator of The Universe” why doesn’t He fix it?

Well the answer is very simple. Imagine you had a broken pipe in your bathroom, all the water is leaking. It’s not that bad to you but you know it can get worse over time. Imagine also that your next door neighbor is a plumber and has been in that business for years but you kind of don’t like him nor trust him that much. Now one day you go out shopping for a few hours and when you come back home you hear some noise in the bathroom, you go look and find your neighbor underneath the sink… What would you do? Most people would kick him out right away, get scared, call the police or even get very aggressive with him.

The problem is you never asked him to come in your house, you didn’t even tell him you had a broken pipe so he is really being a spy and an intruder! Even though it seems he is trying to help you out you never welcomed him.

It’s exactly the same way with Jesus, even though he knows all concerning you and He is able to fix every single issue in the world He has not been invited to it entirely. He is a gentleman He won’t come into your space, your life, your home or anything of yours including your problems if you don’t allow Him to do so in the first place. If He did, He would be a spy and an intruder. But today He is asking you to open the door of your heart and He will more than gladly come in and fix anything and everything that needs to be fix. In the same way Hitler could have allowed Jesus in his heart and he would have never done what he did.

Most people are living out the consequences of other people’s actions and others are living out the consequences of their own actions. The worse thing about it is that most people don’t blame others or themselves for the consequences, but instead most people blame God. But regardless of how the issue originated He is still extending His arms to help you and so are we. We are very sure you have noticed the needs around the world. People are struggling in all kinds of manner. There are even places where a family’s goal is to get a cup of flour to survive for the entire week. Others have rain as their only source of water.

When I was a little child my mother use to work for three days straight without any sleep, only breaks to eat small snacks. There are so many people who suffer from all sorts of sicknesses and diseases that have been told there is no cure for them and even the doctors have given up on them. There are also countries where constant war is in the atmosphere and people have to seek refuge in order not to be hit by a missile or bullet.

By Grace many of us are not in these situations. It’s us who enjoy freedom and a good quality of life that should be of aid to those in desperate need because we were created to dominate this world for good!

Can I ask you what are you doing for the world? What are you doing for those people who don’t know you but really need you? One of the greatest lessons I have learned in life is that it’s not about me. Myself and so many people have tried to live for ourselves before and after years we found that life gets boring, without meaning and even frustrating. When we live life for others, life becomes very exciting, you find fulfillment and even your own business becomes more successful. Furthermore when you live life for The Lord it really gets wonderful! You soar above the limitations of this world, nothing gets you by surprise and you live an over abundant life! I challenge you to try it. Try helping solve someone’s problems and you will see how someone else will help you solve yours and try living for The Lord also and see how everything good starts coming together in your life!